About Zeitsparkasse

Services and History

As an experienced songwriter with advancing know-how from production and audio-engineering, I offer: 

  • Accompaniment of audio productions
  • Compositions
  • Re-Amping
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • and to some extent Recording

As an instrumentalist, I can track bass, guitar, various wind instruments and keys on an average-advanced level.  


Those are sideline services and therefore at affordable rates (14€/h). The duration of assignments results accordingly, I'm available at weekends and in the evening hours.  


But why? 


Ever since the age of 13 I'm creating and recording music - back then with a cassette tape recorder and gruesomely bad, today with far superior gear and far superior abilities.

The portfolio ranges from ragged demo recordings , also own and third party album projects or recording jobs,  to video game soundtrack and jingle.


Zeitsparkasse -founded in 2014 as "Route 17 Records" with the idea of a mobile recording studio - comprises releases of various band projects from my musical journey as well as all media services offered. Also it provides the name for our in-house studio.