Line Up


Noelle Behr - Vocals 

Johann Faustus - Vocals and everything else 



The project „Johann Faustus“ was founded in 2011 to pursue a long lasting passion for slow Heavy Metal songs. After being involved with various musical ventures, which eventually came together as my main project „Die Gesellschaft der Grauen Herren“ in 2009, there was no one to share the passion with – a one-man-thing needed to be done. The 2011‘ demo „Stroll“ was created on a whim; Written, recorded and released in 25 hours. It was hideous.

While being busy with the promotion of „Die Gesellschaft der Grauen Herren“ and later on „Skooma Cat“, that record lead a miserable existence until late 2017, when I decided to make it presentable. April 19th, 2018 marks the beginning of a Johann Fausts Doom Metal era.



Johann Faustus' 2011 album "Stroll" completely redone. Crunchy Doom Metal between lethargy and delight. 


01. Shards   12:27

02. Stroll   10:51

03. Muggy 10:17

04. Seafoam   07:40


All songs written by Johann Faustus. 

Recorded, engineered and produced 2017/18 by Johann Faustus/Zeitsparkasse.


released March 24, 2018


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Stroll (Demo)

Johann Faustus' first steps as a Doom Metal project.


01. Shards   12:24

02. Stroll   10:55

03. Muggy   10:04

04. Sea Foam   07:30

05. Footprints (Warning Cover)   07:26


All Songs written by Johann Faustus.

Recorded and produced by Johann Faustus 2011.


released around early 2012