Line Up


Fleischart - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, additional

Johann Faustus - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, additional


Baum was founded in 2008 by Johann Faustus (formerly Vox Diritatis) and Fleischart. In the beginning they wanted to deal with the musical and yrical concepts, that didn't fit their mainprojects but nowadys the music is way more individual.

There are made side trips to old blues and hard rock, one gets lost inside the folkloristic undergrowth, follows the invitation of black metal and doesn't even stop before mucilaginous kitsch.



Baum's first full length album "Panzertape"! Finally, after 5 years of waiting since "Demo '08" we shall become rulers of the eternal empire! 

DIY - music from Germany; Somewhere between Black Metal, Progressive Rock and Punk!


01. Aufmarsch   00:59

02. B.A.U.M.   05:58

03. Glasgewand   05:57

04. Unter den Linden   06:25

05. Ein Moment von Ewigkeit   11:24

06. Herrscher im Reich   03:53

07. Fallobst-Rock'n'Roll   06:28

08. Die Töne   02:57


Songs written and performed by Baum. 

Recorded and produced by Johann Faustus, 2012. 

Drums recorded by Therapy Records. 

Die Töne - Poem by Wilhelm Waiblinger


released February 1, 2013  

Demo '08

The first BAUM demo from the early years. 


01. Blattwerk    05:13

02. Vereinsamt    02:52

03. Kriegsruf    04:05

04. Regentag    04:25


All songs written by Baum.

Kriegsruf - Poem by Ludwig Braunfels

Recorded in our basements and bedrooms in 2008